The Tuna of Choice

Are you tired of tasteless supermarket tuna?

Tenorio hand prepared tuna fillets in organic olive oil is better than anything else available in UK supermarkets today.We didn’t eat tinned tuna at all until, one day on holiday, in Portugal, a family member created a fantastic tuna salad. I could not believe it was made with tinned tuna, the brand was Tenorio. Since then, we have lined our suitcases after every summer holiday with as many tins as possible.

Tuna and Egg Salad
Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in high end tuna products available in UK supermarkets; but when we tried these, we were disappointed by the taste compared to Tenorio tuna.

We were unable to find a competitor that could match the texture of the fish or quality of the oil in Tenorio tuna. We tried all price ranges of tuna available, including premium priced products, and, in our view, Tenorio hand prepared tuna fillets in organic olive oil is the best.

Tenorio Tuna In Organic Olive Oil
We believe the UK consumer deserves better, so we decided to start supplying this product to the UK market.

We only supply the top product in the Tenorio range, Tenorio hand prepared tuna fillets in organic olive oil. We are the only UK based supplier for this product.

When we researched the UK Tuna market, we were shocked by the environmental impact of getting tuna to our shelves.

Have you looked at your tin and read where your tuna is fished and packaged?

Some supermarket brand tuna is fished in the Indian Ocean, then shipped frozen to Thailand for packaging before being shipped to the UK. How can it travel so far and be so cheap?

What is the environmental impact of your tuna?

Check your tin to ensure your Tuna is ‘pole and line caught’ certified as other methods can catch and kill turtles, birds and potentially other endangered species.

Swimming Sea Turtle
The Various Tuna Species
There are about fifteen species of tuna recognised worldwide but you are only likely to encounter five.

Skipjack – This is an abundant species and is usually fished sustainably.

Albacore – This type of tuna is in decline due to overfishing, often called “White Tuna” or “El Bonite”, this species has a milder taste and is cited as the rarer, higher quality fish; However, this rarity and perceived ‘exclusivity’ is simply a product of exploitation and overfishing.

Yellow Fin and Bigeye – these are less common as tinned tuna, generally used in Sushi, but are again overfished, often caught in large groups during migration before they can mature, resulting in a declining population.

Bluefin – is an endangered species in the Atlantic and Southern Oceans and is at historic low levels in the Pacific.

If you are eating fresh tuna, your packaging should show all the information you need.

Tinned Tuna Quality
There are three different sizes that tinned tuna are generally labeled as; Flakes, Chunks and Fillets.

Flakes - Tuna Flakes are usually very small and break apart as soon as removed from the tin, often stuffed together until the weight of the product is reached.

Chunks - Chunks bridge the gap between Flakes and Fillets - Each chunk will generally stay together, however when removed from the tin, they will break apart from each other.

Fillets - Fillets are the highest quality of tinned tuna available. They are generally hand prepared, and will keep their shape if removed from the tin.

Food Miles
Many tuna populations around the globe are overfished and exploited. Some brands put massive stress on threatened species for profit and to get tins to you at the lowest price possible.

Your packaging will tell you the tuna species, where it was fished and where it was packaged. The details may be in different locations on the packaging but the information will be there somewhere.

Transporting tuna long distances, sometimes in the opposite direction for processing and packaging, then shipping to the UK, all for such a low price, must have an unnecessary environmental impact.

For further information on the Tuna you choose to eat, take a look at National Geographic and Greenpeace

Do you want to eat a healthy, tasty, sustainable food?

Tenorio is fished sustainably and carries the Dolphin Safe certificate to ensure that the tuna sourced does not contribute to the unnecessary deaths of ocean wildlife. The Skipjack in Tenorio is pole and line caught, keeping birds and other endangered species safe. The Azores area has an abundant and carefully managed population of Tuna, keeping numbers stable year-round.

The Azores
Tenorio takes a direct journey to your plate. The product is hand prepared and packaged in The Azores, then shipped, to Portugal before being delivered to the UK. This route saves on food miles and refrigeration emissions, contributing to an environmentally conscious product that we are proud to supply to the UK market.

Although oil as a preservative is perceived to be unhealthy, olive oil has many health benefits as it is a monounsaturated fat. Most tuna brands use lower grade oil to preserve their product, affecting the flavour of the fish, however, the premium organic olive oil used in Tenorio is of such good quality we use it as a salad dressing.

Tuna and Chickpea Salad
In our tins you get 27g of protein, 6g of unsaturated fats but only 175kcal per 100g.

Opened Tin
Our tuna is preserved in organic Portuguese olive oil for quality you can taste and see. There are other Tenorio products, but the organic olive oil tin is our favourite and the only one we stock. Give it a try and we are confident you will make our tuna your tuna of choice.

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